myths about hair transplant?

Decided to undergo hair transplantation but confused due to the various myth of hair transplant you heard and read. Let me surprise you with the truth.

Men can only have a hair transplant

Men are more prone to baldness that doesn’t mean women can’t have hair transplantation. Even recently this process is getting a huge welcome from women because hair transplant allows women to undertake the process without shaving the head hair. The natural restoration of hair works for women just like men.

Older People can’t get hair transplantation

Age is never a barrier to hair transplantation, it is scientifically proven that there is a good chance of successful hair transplant in older people when compared with young people. The surgeon will undertake the process only after doing a thorough enquiry to decide whether you suit the process but definitely, age is not a hair transplantation disqualifier.

A hair transplant will damage your brain

Hair transplantation involves the scalp, not inside the head, the treatment will take place only on the scalp skin deep. The hair transplant will not affect any part of the brain.

Anybody can get a hair transplant

Primarily the surgeon will do a thorough investigation to understand the client’s hair density, measurement, and availability of hair fossils in advance recommending hair transplantation, so not anyone.

You cannot wash your hair after hair transplantation

Shampooing or bathing after the hair transplantation won’t affect the hair restoration process, post-treatment counselling will be given to ensure to clarify all your queries, as per the direction of the doctor you can cleanse the treated areas.

Hair transplantation gives immediate results

Hair transplantation takes time to notice a change. the hair may fall 3-4 weeks after the treatment it’s called the sleeping phase. Within 3-6months the hair will start to regrow. 100% significant result will be seen in 9-12 months.

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