Does Chemical peeling have side effects? Is It Safe?


A chemical peel is a cosmetic procedure is to remove the blemished layer of the skin using various chemical solutions. This procedure is applicable for skin in the

  • face
  • hands
  • neck

This procedure is used to change the tone, texture and look of the skin.

For chemical peeling, chemical solutions are applied to the area be treated, the chemical reaction on the skin exfoliate the skin to peel off.


Chemical peeling can be done for various treatment reasons, including

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Melasma
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Acne scar
  • Fine lines &wrinkles
  • Scar


There are three types of chemical peeling procedures to treat the skin, they are as follows

  • Superficial chemical peel
  • Medium chemical peel
  • Deep chemical peel

Superficial Chemical peel uses light chemicals such as alpha-hydroxy to peel off the damaged skin cells. A medium chemical peel treatment uses chemicals such as trichloroacetic and glycolic to clear the damaged skin cells, the medium peel is also called a blue peeling because the blue colour will be added along with the chemicals. The deep chemical peel treatment is used to peel off the blemishes using phenol and trichloroacetic.

How it’s done?This cosmetic treatment is normally done in the outpatient facility. The treatment process and application are based on which chemical peel you are getting. The doctor will numb the area where the chemicals are applied if you are getting the deep peel IV will be given and your heartbeat is closely monitored.
For the superficial peel process, the doctor will apply the chemical using cotton or brush, within a few minutes the skin will turn to whiten along with a stinging sensation. Using the neutralizing agent the doctor will peel off the chemical mask.

Same as the light peel process the medium peeling treatment will be done with the different chemical solutions, when the chemical is applied and the skin began to turn to whiten, the doctor will add a cool compress along with the treatment. this process will continue for 20 minutes, for medium peel no neutralizing solution is needed to peel off the chemical mask.
The doctor will use an applicator to apply the phenol over the skin for a deep peel, the solution will turn the skin white or grey. It takes only 15 minutes to complete the procedure.


Usual side effects of chemical peeling include

  • Dryness
  • Redness
  • Stinging
  • Burning
  • Light swelling

Throughout the recovery time sincerely follow the doctor’s instructions like how often have to wash the face, moisturize, and product recommendations.
Stay out of the sun till you completely recovered.

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