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Hair fall treatment involves a semi-permanent technique known as micropigmentation, wherein specialized pigments are precisely implanted into the scalp. This method employs fine needles to intricately deposit pigments beneath the surface of the skin, promoting a natural and enduring effect in addressing hair loss concerns.

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Step-by-Step Guide involved during Hair fall treatment Treatment

Initial Consultation and Preparation

Initiate your path to address hair fall concerns through a comprehensive consultation. Collaboratively, we evaluate your distinct needs and preferences, crafting a personalized treatment plan for the best possible outcomes. Ensuring your comfort is a priority, as a specialized numbing cream is administered before the main procedure. Acquire essential guidelines for post-treatment care, encompassing advice on sun protection, medication considerations, and abstaining from other beauty treatments to optimize the effectiveness of the hair fall treatment.

During Treatement

The hair fall treatment process employs specialized tools, including a precision pen with tiny needles, to simulate natural-looking hair regrowth. Following the session, a dedicated ointment is applied, and any excess solution is gently cleansed off after a two-hour period.

Healing Period

Allow your treated scalp to undergo natural healing over a span of 25 to 30 days. A recommended follow-up session between 4 to 8 weeks is advised to ensure optimal results. Adhere to aftercare practices, incorporating the use of rosehip or coconut oil, refraining from specific treatments, minimizing sun exposure, and maintaining dryness for the best outcome in your hair fall treatment.

Revel in the Transformation

Experience instant improvement – notice strengthened, fuller hair. Initial sensitivity or swelling diminishes within three days. Between days 5 to 8, anticipate slight scabbing, flaking, and itching, resulting in beautifully fortified hair by days 12 to 21. After 30 days, achieve fully revitalized hair with results lasting 1 to 2 years, influenced by individual factors. Our meticulous approach guarantees lasting beauty through Hair Fall Treatment.

Hair fall treatment Post care instructions:

It’s common to experience initial sensations, such as slight itching, as your hair progresses through the healing phases: Heal, Peel, and Fade. An advantageous feature of hair fall treatment is its minimal downtime, enabling a swift return to your regular activities.

However, for the safety of our clients, it’s crucial to consider specific precautions. Individuals who are diabetic, undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy, or taking blood-thinning medications may find hair fall treatment unsuitable. Similarly, those with existing scalp conditions like psoriasis or eczema, a history of hair-related concerns, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, are advised to refrain from this treatment.Your well-being is our top priority, and we encourage you to engage in a discussion with both your healthcare provider and our qualified hair fall treatment specialists. This collaborative approach ensures a personalized assessment of your health, assisting you in making an informed decision about whether hair fall treatment is the right choice for you. Our commitment extends towards safeguarding your safety and satisfaction throughout your hair fall treatment journey. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss any concerns or queries you may have.


Benefits of
Hair Fall

Visualize waking up every day to beautifully revitalized hair, perfectly defined and radiating a natural, healthy glow. Hair Fall Treatment provides a lasting solution to hair aesthetics, saving you the time and effort usually dedicated to daily hair care routines. The procedure involves precise application of techniques, resulting in fuller, more vibrant locks tailored to your desired look. Experience the convenience and beauty of effortlessly maintained and rejuvenated hair with our specialized treatment.

Time and Cost-Efficient

Our hair fall treatment proves to be a time and cost-effective solution, efficiently reducing the efforts and expenses associated with managing hair loss concerns.

Resilient Locks

Experience the resilience of your hair against fall, as our treatment provides a robust solution that is resistant to environmental factors, ensuring the longevity of your hair health.

Natural-Looking Results

Embark on a journey towards achieving fuller, healthier hair with our treatment, ensuring a restoration of a natural and vibrant appearance to your locks.

Long-Lasting Results

Our treatment guarantees sustained improvements over an extended period, offering you the assurance of long-lasting results in the battle against hair fall.


Say Goodbye to Thinning Hair

Tailored to address hair thinning caused by various factors, our treatment serves as the ideal solution to bid farewell to concerns related to thinning hair.

We’re With You Every Step of The Way

Enjoy comprehensive aftercare support, with our clinic committed to guiding you through the post-treatment phase for a seamless and successful recovery.

Experienced Professionals

Rely on the expertise of our experienced and highly-trained medical professionals, ensuring that you receive the best possible care and attention.. 

Expert Care

Receive top-quality treatment from experienced and highly skilled professionals.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Access cutting-edge technology and modern facilities for optimal care.

Comprehensive Services

Benefit from a wide range of cosmetic and aesthetic services under one roof.

Commitment to Safety

Rest assured knowing that your health and well-being are our top priorities, with strict adherence to safety protocols.

Patient Testimonials

“If you're considering lip Micropigmentation, Dr. Hemamalini is the one to trust! The clinic is modern, and the staff is
friendly and professional."

– Aditya Nautiyal

“Thanks to Dr. Hema for a wonderful work. She is the one stop solution for Lip Micropigmentation and Permanent Makeup Techniques."

– Jisha Avilissery

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