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The “Permanent Foundation Treatment” is an advanced cosmetic procedure designed for lasting results. Utilizing a minimally invasive and non-surgical approach, a specialized tinted pigment is applied with precision using a nano-needle or microneedle. This technique stimulates skin rejuvenation and collagen production, offering a semi-permanent foundation effect. The treatment includes a unique foundation serum, enriching the skin with nutrients and a personalized foundation shade. Expect reduced imperfections, heightened radiance, even skin tone, and diminished wrinkles for up to six months with the proper number of treatments and aftercare.

We offer the Best Permanent Foundation Treatment in Chennai

Consultation and Preparation

Embark on the journey to a flawless complexion with an initial consultation to determine the ideal foundation shade. Prior to the main treatment, we prepare the skin by applying a specialized numbing cream. Valuable tips are provided for optimal results, including sun avoidance, certain medication precautions, and guidance on beauty treatments.

During Treatment

The Permanent Foundation Treatment employs advanced techniques to apply a customized tinted pigment, ensuring a lasting foundation effect. This process utilizes specialized tools to create a seamless and natural-looking foundation. Following the procedure, a unique foundation serum is applied, and any excess product is gently removed after two hours.

Healing Process

Allow 25 to 30 days for the skin to fully heal. A follow-up session after 4-8 weeks ensures perfection. During the healing phase, application of rosehip or coconut oil is recommended, while specific treatments, sun exposure, and keeping the treated area dry should be avoided.


Witness a transformative change from the very first day—attaining a more pronounced, fuller, and darker foundation. Any initial tenderness or swelling typically diminishes within three days. Between days 5 to 8, expect some scabbing, flaking, and itching, followed by a natural and defined appearance between days 12 to 21. After 30 days, the foundation treatment is fully realized, with results lasting 1 to 2 years, influenced by individual skin type, lifestyle, and beauty product use. Our meticulous approach ensures enduring beauty and consistent results.

Permanent Foundation Treatment Post care instructions:

Shield from Sun Exposure: Safeguard your skin from direct sunlight for a few days post-treatment. If unavoidable, use a high SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Gentle Cleansing: Utilize a mild, non-abrasive cleanser for facial cleansing to maintain cleanliness in the treated area. Avoid harsh or exfoliating products immediately after the Permanent Foundation Treatment.

Makeup Hiatus: Refrain from applying makeup for the recommended duration post-treatment to allow your skin to breathe and facilitate recovery.

Hydration Priority: Ensure your skin stays well-hydrated by incorporating a gentle, non-comedogenic moisturizer into your skincare routine. Adequate hydration promotes skin recovery and sustains the long-lasting effects of the treatment.

Sauna and Steam Room Avoidance: Steer clear of saunas, steam rooms, or hot baths for a specified duration after the treatment to prevent excessive heat-induced irritation to the treated skin.

Moderate Physical Activity: Avoid intense workouts and activities causing excessive sweating for the initial 24 to 48 hours following the treatment.

Handle with Care: Refrain from touching, rubbing, or scratching the treated area to prevent irritation and maintain the integrity of the Permanent Foundation Treatment.


Benefits of Permanent Foundation Treatment

Imagine awakening each day to the lasting radiance of a Permanent Foundation Treatment. This transformative procedure seamlessly blends skin tones, diminishes imperfections, and imparts a refined, youthful glow.

Time & Cost Efficient

Significantly reduces both time spent on daily makeup routines and long-term expenses associated with cosmetics.

Water Resistant & Durable

A water-resistant, sweat-proof, and smudge-proof solution ensuring enduring beauty even in challenging conditions.

Naturally Enhanced Appearance

Achieve well-defined, beautifully shaped features that exude a natural and lasting allure.

Long Lasting Effects

Enjoy results that stand the test of time, lasting for several years without the need for frequent touch-ups.


Painless, Efficient, and Safe

Experience a non-invasive and safe treatment option, ensuring a painless procedure that delivers fuller-looking, radiant features.

We’re With You Every Step of The Way

Enjoy comprehensive aftercare support, with our clinic committed to guiding you through the post-treatment phase for a seamless and successful recovery.

Experienced Professionals

Rely on the expertise of our experienced and highly-trained medical professionals, ensuring that you receive the best possible care and attention.. 

Expert Care

Receive top-quality treatment from experienced and highly skilled professionals.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Access cutting-edge technology and modern facilities for optimal care.

Comprehensive Services

Benefit from a wide range of cosmetic and aesthetic services under one roof.

Commitment to Safety

Rest assured knowing that your health and well-being are our top priorities, with strict adherence to safety protocols.

Patient Testimonials

“If you're considering lip Micropigmentation, Dr. Hemamalini is the one to trust! The clinic is modern, and the staff is
friendly and professional."

– Aditya Nautiyal

“Thanks to Dr. Hema for a wonderful work. She is the one stop solution for Lip Micropigmentation and Permanent Makeup Techniques."

– Jisha Avilissery

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