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Indulge in the artistry of semi-permanent makeup, enhancing your natural features with precision and subtlety. Our expert technicians use meticulous techniques to create long-lasting, flawless results. From microblading to lip blush, achieve a polished look that stands the test of time. Elevate your beauty routine with Semi-Permanent Makeup—a fusion of art and enhancement

Why Choose Us for All Your Semi Permanent Makeup Needs

Skilled Technicians

Our team comprises skilled and experienced technicians specializing in semi-permanent makeup.

Personalized Approach

Tailor treatments to your unique preferences, ensuring customized and harmonious results.

Artistry and Precision

Experience the artful precision of semi-permanent makeup, creating natural enhancements that complement your features.

Quality Products

We use top-quality pigments and materials to ensure lasting, safe, and beautiful results.


Eliminate the need for daily makeup application, saving time in your beauty routine.

Long-Lasting Results

Enjoy the convenience of semi-permanent enhancements that maintain their allure for an extended period.

Enhanced Features

Accentuate and define facial features, such as eyebrows, lips, and eyes, for a polished appearance.

Benefits of Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi-Permanent Makeup is a revolutionary cosmetic technique designed to enhance and define your features with long-lasting results. Skilled technicians use precise application methods to deposit pigments into the skin, creating subtle and natural-looking enhancements. Whether it’s defining eyebrows, adding a blush to the lips, or accentuating the eyes, this artful approach brings out your best features. 


Microblading of Eyebrows (3D/6D)

Microblading is an artful technique that creates natural-looking, perfectly shaped eyebrows. Our skilled technicians use fine, precise strokes to implant pigment, enhancing your brows with a semi-permanent, long-lasting result.


Micropigmentation of Eyebrows

Micropigmentation for eyebrows is a revolutionary procedure, delivering semi-permanent, finely pigmented strokes to enhance and define your brows. Our skilled technicians use precision to create a natural, long-lasting result, providing a beautifully crafted frame for your eyes.

Combination Powdered Eyebrows

Combination Powdered Eyes is an advanced semi-permanent makeup technique that combines microblading and shading. This method enhances your eyes with precise strokes and a soft powder effect, providing a natural yet defined look.

Dark Lips Correction/Micropigmentation

Dark Lips Correction is a specialized treatment designed to address pigmentation concerns, restoring natural lip color. Our skilled technicians use advanced techniques to lighten and even out lip tones, providing a rejuvenated and confident smile.

Aquarelle Lips

Aquarelle Lips is a cutting-edge semi-permanent makeup technique that creates soft, watercolor-inspired lips. Using subtle shading and precise techniques, our skilled technicians enhance lip color, providing a natural, gradient effect.


Smokers Lip Correction

Smokers Lip Correction is a specialized treatment aiming to address pigmentation concerns caused by smoking, restoring natural lip color. Our skilled technicians employ advanced techniques to lighten and rejuvenate lips, providing a customized solution for a refreshed and confident smile.

Permanent Lip Blush/Lipstick

Permanent Lip Blush is a semi-permanent makeup technique that enhances the natural beauty of lips. This procedure involves depositing pigments to create a subtle, tinted effect, adding definition and color. Our skilled technicians tailor the treatment to your preferences, delivering a long-lasting, effortlessly beautiful result.

Vitiligo Camouflage

Vitiligo Camouflage is a specialized treatment offering a solution for individuals with vitiligo. Our skilled technicians use advanced pigmentation techniques to match the affected skin’s natural tone, providing a seamless and natural-looking result. 

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-invasive solution for hair loss, replicating the appearance of a closely shaved head or filling in thinning areas. Our skilled technicians use micro-needles to deposit pigment, creating realistic hair follicle impressions.


SPMU Foundation

Semi-Permanent Foundation is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure providing a long-lasting, flawless complexion. Our skilled technicians use advanced techniques to deposit pigments, evening out skin tone and concealing imperfections.

The BB Glow Serum

Semi-Permanent BB Glow Serum is a transformative beauty treatment that enhances the complexion. Our skilled technicians use a specialized serum containing pigments and nourishing ingredients to achieve a radiant, even skin tone. 

Cheek Blush

Semi-Permanent Cheek Blush is a cosmetic enhancement procedure that imparts a natural, flushed appearance to the cheeks. Our skilled technicians use precision techniques to deposit pigments, creating a subtle and long-lasting blush effect.

"Dr. Hemamalini Rajinikanth's expertise in Eyebrow Microblading is truly commendable. The meticulous attention to detail and the warm ambiance make it my top choice. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a confidence boost!"

Susmitha Subramaniyan

"Dr. Hemamalini Rajinikanth is a true artist when it comes to cosmetic procedures. I had aquarelle lips done, and they look absolutely stunning. Her skill in dark lips correction is top-notch."

Shubhi Tiwari

"I had an incredible experience at Dr. Aesthetix Clinic. Their expertise in microblading and micropigmentation is unmatched. I got 3D eyebrows, and the results were fantastic. The staff is friendly and professional. Highly recommend!"

Aditya Nautiyal

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